Women's blouses

Women's blouse – a must-have in every wardrobe! Choose the most fashionable ones at Incanto

Women's black blouse with laceRegardless of the dressing style and lifestyle, a women's blouse is one of the most important elements of every modern woman's attire. This is due to the fact that blouses come in many different styles and are easy to combine with other clothes - pants, skirts, shorts. You can wear them under jackets, coats or vests. At Incanto, we try to provide the widest selection possible, which is why we look for blouse offers from various brands. Is price important to you? You can easily find cheap women's blouses. However, if you prefer something more extravagant, luxury blouses for women made of the best fabrics from premium brands are also available. Size doesn't matter either, XS or XL blouses are one of the most frequent searches - these are also abundant at Incanto.com.ua.

Elegant blouse for work and special occasion

The best choice for special occasions will be an elegant women's blouse. These include envelope blouses with side ties, shirts with collars and buttons, as well as models with neck ties or puffy sleeves. In addition, the choice of fabric that will give the outfit sophistication is important - cotton, satin, silk, viscose. Such are, for example, Italian women's blouses. For those women who like inexpensive but spectacular blouses, there are collections of brands like Eldar or Babell. Elegant blouses will also work well at the office. Combined with cigarette pants or a pencil skirt, they will create a very elegant business look. What color should an elegant blouse be? A white and black women's blouse is traditionally considered the most classic. However, colored models do not detract from the standards of elegance at all. Pink, blue, yellow or light green blouses can significantly diversify the look. Prints should not be ignored either. Blouses with flowers, leopard spots, stripes, polka dots or geometry are just a few suggestions for a fashionable, chic woman.

Women's party blouse, for vacation and summer party

Women's white blouse with lace necklineFor a party with friends, going out to a club or restaurant, a concert - women's blouse tops with straps or short cut are recommended. In such places, it is worth standing out, so blouses with sequins, glitter or cutouts will come in handy. Also noteworthy are the boho-style blouses made of linen, cotton or crocheted. They are great for vacations, garden parties and any other romantic looks.

Casual women's blouses

There is a very large selection of proposals for everyday wear. Casual blouses, or perfect for spending time in the city, include oversized loose-cut blouses. Instead of them, you can choose fitted long-sleeved blouses that can be tucked into pants or a skirt. V-neck blouses are also a great choice. The neckline can be decorated with lace, stitching, buttons or a subtle flounce. For those women who do not like to expose the décolletage, blouses with a semi-golf are offered.

Sporty women's blouses - for fitness fans or streetwear

Sports blouses are intended for the gym or for creating concise streetwear looks. The first category includes Nike, Adidas and Puma models, as these are the brands that female athletes and fans of fitness choose. Such blouses are made of special fabrics with "breathable" properties that absorb moisture and do not slip even under intense exertion. But what should you wear on a daily basis? Crop tops with a short cut, oversized t-shirt blouses with a print or elastic at the bottom are great with joggers or loose jeans.