Women's bodysuits

Bodysuit is a must have in women's lingerie wardrobe

Women fell in love with bodysuits – this is a fact. But do you know what they owe their fashion success to? The greatest popularity of this garment falls on the 80s and 90s of the twentieth century. With this period, most of us certainly associate the beautiful Cindy Crawford, who trains in the famous gymnastic suit. But bodysuits have already appeared in women's wardrobes before. In the 1950s, celebrity fashion designer Claire McCardell designed women's bodysuits for everyday wear. Prior to that, it was intended only for acrobats, athletes and dancers (men!). There are several reasons why this new piece of clothing definitely appealed to the ladies:

Comfort is a big advantage of a bodysuit. Whether it's elegant, designed for everyday use or designed as lingerie, it guarantees maximum comfort. They can be worn in tandem with skirts and low-waisted trousers without fear that the bodysuit will slip off, exposing a bare back or buttocks. This makes a woman more confident. The models presented in the collection are made of pleasant to the touch, soft and elastic fabrics, which also has a significant impact on wearing comfort.

Excellent appearance – the body optically shapes the figure. It is characterized by a straight cut, adjacent to the body. Thanks to this, the waist is marked, the bust is beautifully emphasized, and the protruding sides are gently adjusted thanks to the elastic, tight fabric. The whole figure becomes much slimmer.

Versatility – the bodysuit is the perfect base for many outfits. They can be worn every day and on holidays. It also works great as underwear. It all depends on which model you choose. In the collection of brands Ava, Eldar, Gatta, Gaia, Gorsenia, Julimex, Lupoline, Obsessive, bodysuits for all occasions are waiting for you.

Casual bodysuit

Simple cuts, solid or with a color accent or decorated with an interesting pattern, are perfect for a casual look. Classic black models, including those sewn using seamless technology, are suitable as basic ones. In our offer you will find them with long and short sleeves, as well as with a turtleneck. You can wear them with your favorite jeans and oversized sweaters, or with elegant skirts and jackets. They are distinguished by excellent quality and timeless style. You should have at least a few of these in your wardrobe.

...and for special occasions

For a party, family reunion or elegant get-together, choose something special. A lace bodysuit or graces trimmed with a mesh is a hit in the bull's-eye. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, you can bet on a bold model made almost entirely of sheer, fine mesh or deep black lace. A combidress with a mesh on the neckline or on the sleeves will also give the whole styling chic, but also lightness. In it you will look elegant, and at the same time sensual and feminine.

Fashion bodysuit

In a wide range of our store you will find many models of bodysuits that meet global trends. An interesting cut combined with stretchy fabric creates unusual options that can be used in street, city, day or evening looks. Short and long sleeves, single and double wide straps, fashionable details in the form of slits or deep cuts on the back, each of these elements is designed by the best designers. Whether you're into sporty elegance or a classic look, you're sure to find something for you. Now the bodysuit becomes an excellent base for creating more complex looks in which attention will be focused on your figure.

Bodysuits – the perfect underwear

Bodysuits as underwear? Why not! Choose the right model to feel comfortable all day. In the Incanto collection you will find seamless bodysuits with thin straps or long or short sleeves. These minimalist cuts are ideal for wearing under clothes, slimming figure and giving a pleasant feeling of warmth on cold days. Thanks to innovative seamless technology, you can enjoy a flawless look without unsightly marks on clothes or marks on your skin. Take a step forward and choose a slimming bodysuit from a special model range. This 21st century lingerie is beautiful and feminine, and at the same time extremely functional.

Convenience above all else

Our clients value bodysuits for exceptional comfort. The highest quality fabrics used in tailoring are breathable and allow the skin to breathe. In addition, the delicate fibers do not irritate the skin, ensuring comfort even when worn all day long. When choosing a bear, you can also be sure that your appearance will be impeccable. The material will not slip out of trousers or a skirt, beautifully adjusting to your figure. By focusing on her, you can unobtrusively emphasize your femininity. The bodysuit guarantees and insures your comfort and confidence. Regardless of the situation and style you choose, you will be able to bring out your natural beauty.

White lace bodysuit for women