Women's bras

Beautiful turquoise braThe female breast is an extremely sensitive part of the body that requires proper care and attention. Regular check-ups, the use of balms with active ingredients and a perfectly fitting bra are the key to beautiful, firm and, above all, healthy breasts. This is confirmed by numerous studies that show that the right model and bra size reduces the risk of health complications, including cancer.

Ultimately, bras should not only support the chest, but also shape it, bringing relieved to the cervical region. When choosing them, it is important to follow not only trends and fashion, but above all – the quality of workmanship, the location of the bones and details that will increase your comfort.

At Incanto, we combine all these elements to offer quality and beautifully tailored bras from European manufacturers. Find your ideal model – enjoy luxury, sophistication and durable construction.

Incanto women's bras

Women's bodies vary in size and shape. We love this diversity and how unique you are. It is this individuality that is for us the main source of inspiration for the selection of an ever wider offer. We believe that thanks to this we will be able to meet the various needs of our customers - regardless of the size or circumference of the cup.

When creating our bra offer, we wanted it to stand out in a range of sizes so that every woman can complete her wardrobe with beautiful, comfortable and perfectly tailored lingerie.

That's why Inncato's offer includes, among other things, bras with semi-soft cups - which are often used for larger breasts that need support and lift, and not necessarily visibility or optical enlargement. Some models are filled with delicate lace and embroidery, making them perfect for the hot summer months. An alternative to them are compacted models - filled with a bottom and side frame. This type of bra has a firmer cup that is padded with soft foam on the inside. Bras of this type lift a heavy sagging bust and correct the natural unevenness of the breast.

Thinking about women with small breasts, we have formed a wide range of push-up bras. As the name suggests, their main role is to lift the bust, sexually round it and enlarge it. The built-in soft pads at the bottom lift the bust so you can enjoy the much-needed enlargement. Also popular are balconies, which owe their name to the famous actress - Brigitte Bardot. This type of bra is not only a guarantee of comfort, but also lifts and separates the chest, which is reminiscent of the construction of corsets of the 18th century.

The perfect bra for large and small breasts

Girl in a burgundy braWomen's bras are an extremely functional element of your wardrobe. Thanks to them, you will take care of the health of your chest, correct your posture and ensure your comfort. To provide your chest with the desired luxury and tenderness - pay attention to the material used, cut and size. The latter is the key to success and the highest comfort, especially if you have experienced pain in the shoulders, back or chest.

Research shows that most women wear the wrong bra. The most common errors are the result of ignorance and misinterpretation of dimensions. So before you buy a bra - measure your circumference in centimeter, and then use our size chart to find out which size is best for you. Based on the result, choose your model - paying attention to the width of the straps, the number of hooks and loops, the location of the bones and the width of the bridge. If you have any questions, please contact our store - we will be happy to help you choose the most beautiful, comfortable and perfectly matched products.