Women's Panties

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Black women's pantiesOn our intuitive and easy-to-use website Incanto.com.ua, you will find hundreds of panty models that every woman should have in her collection! Moreover, you can shop easily, quickly and comfortably without leaving your home. You will definitely be interested in the numerous sales, promotions and discounts that we offer all year round. Our extensive range of panties for girls and women from Polish and European manufacturers will undoubtedly surprise you. Gorsenia, Mediolano, Obsessive, Sloggi, Babell, Wolbar and Julimex are just a few of the brands we recommend out of an assortment of hundreds of women's underwear models.

How to find the perfect women's panties?

Our store is structured like a virtual shopping mall that you can visit anytime while staying at home. You don't have to worry about traffic jams or lack of parking spaces. With Incanto, you can shop quickly, easily and profitably while sipping coffee in your favorite armchair. To facilitate and make the shopping experience pleasant, we have divided the panties available on our website into convenient categories. This allows you to accurately determine the type, style, size, color, brand and price range of the underwear you need in a matter of seconds. Shorts, slips, thongs are just a click away.

What kind of women's panties are in fashion now?

Are you looking for comfortable, aesthetic and high-quality women's panties but overwhelmed by the variety of models and styles? Don't worry. We have prepared several suggestions for you that are most popular among customers visiting our store. Ready? Then let's get started!

Women's slip panties – a universal classic choice

Women's cheeky pantiesSlips are characterized by a lack of legs and an elastic band at the waist that holds up the panties. The most classic models also have decorative elastic along the leg openings or are made seamlessly with flat edges. Laser cut panties are gaining popularity - this kind of underwear does not leave marks on the body and clothes.

Cotton panties for comfort and intimate health

Regardless of the style, when choosing panties, pay attention to the fabric. Cotton is one of the most beloved and valued materials for women. Due to the ever increasing awareness of consumers, European women are increasingly choosing organic cotton panties.

Women's shorts – perfect for an active lifestyle

The sporty cut with practical and comfortable legs makes shorts an excellent choice for running, sports and an active lifestyle. Women's boxer briefs that cover the thighs are also a great option for curvy girls. They absorb moisture perfectly and protect the delicate skin of the inner thighs from chafing.

Skin tone panties – every woman's modest friend

Perfectly suited for summer when you want the underwear to be inconspicuous - especially under white linen pants or a semi-transparent skirt. We especially recommend light and thin panties made of elastane, polyamide, lycra and, of course, the aforementioned cotton or viscose. In skin tone panties you will feel as free as if you were not wearing underwear at all! And now we invite you to shop at Incanto!