Nursing Bras

Nursing BraHow did I ever manage without it before? This admiring exclamation is usually directed at the most useful inventions that greatly simplify life. One of them is a nursing bra. Today every expectant or new mother understands that it is absolutely necessary. She is only interested in how to choose it and where to buy it.

If the answer to the second question is obvious – it’s easiest, fastest and cheapest to buy it online, the main thing is not to get lost among the huge assortment. But figuring out how not to make a mistake with the choice, how to pick one that will reliably perform all its functions, while not harming either the mother or the baby – that’s a more difficult task. But let’s take it step by step.


The main purpose of a nursing bra is to provide the ability to breastfeed without taking off underwear. That is why special easy one-hand unclip cups are provided to bare the breast. The second hand remains free to hold the baby. However, the creators of such a useful device did not limit themselves to just one wonderful improvement of a regular bra.

A proper modern nursing bra is a universal design with many additional properties that ensure gentle and reliable support for enlarged mammary glands during lactation. It is precisely such bras that are sold in our online store - all of them are comfortable, multifunctional and safe.


Here you can buy affordable nursing bras of all kinds: with seamless, soft or padded cups, with or without underwire, and wireless tops. All of them are sewn from environmentally friendly, elastic fabrics – cotton jersey, breathable microfiber or delicate viscose. If you prefer only natural materials – buy an all cotton bra. When the material doesn’t matter, choose any one – they are all hypoallergenic, allow air flow freely, and do not irritate the skin.

But whatever nursing bra you buy in our store, know that each one is equipped with:

  • Reinforced wide adjustable straps
  • Waistband resistant to stretching with 3-4 rows of clasps
  • Wide back
  • High corset part
  • Elastic cups that adapt to changes in bust size caused by milk flow and reduction of the mammary glands after nursing

In such a nursing bra you don’t have to worry about sagging, breast deformations or stretch marks. It guarantees maintained beautiful bust shape and free milk flow thanks to all the above design features that provide excellent support even for very large sizes.


Girls with curvy shapes know firsthand how difficult it can be to buy a plus size nursing bra with good support that is also high quality, pretty and inexpensive. We also know this, so we have included many different wonderful models of all sizes, large and very large, in our range. But we did not forget about petite mommies either - they will always find this necessary accessory here even in the smallest of sizes.

Inconspicuous Features So now you know where to buy a nursing bra, you are aware of the unique features and sizes of this intimate apparel item. It remains to talk about the inconspicuous but very important nuances that you won't see in our photos:

  • Absolutely flat seams that do not irritate skin
  • Easy, unnoticeable placement of pads
  • Flexible, elastic boning that does no harm to women's health whatsoever and does not interfere with nursing
  • Inside the cups there is usually a cotton lining, often with an antibacterial coating

Such a nursing bra is not only convenient for the mom, but also safe for the baby. It also feels nice against skin and does not interfere with the feeding process at all. And what you can see very well in the photos of our models is how beautiful, fashionable and stylish they are. Many of them are decorated with lace, original patterns, bows, embroidery or mesh inserts.


Prices for nursing bras are practically no different from prices of ordinary bras, which cannot be said about the materials: they are all soft, breathable, elastic, pleasant to the touch. What is no less important – with such affordable prices the quality of the products offered by us is wonderful, because they are manufactured by the best producers like Gaia, Alles, Mitex, Lupoline, Lupo, Ava, Gorsenia. These brands create specialized underwear for nursing, taking into account the anatomical features of the female body during lactation, and we are happy to receive positive feedback about them from our female customers.

Our online store delivers to all cities of USA, Canada or GB, big and small. Want to buy a nursing bra in New York? Or maybe you live in Singapore? Feel free to contact us, we have excellent service and fast delivery throughout the country.

Nursing Bra in the World: Carefree Feeding

If proper bust support is not provided during lactation, it will sag under its own weight. As a result, problems may occur: milk stagnation, various painful conditions, stretch marks. Ordinary underwear will not help here, and the mother cannot get undressed every time the baby wants to eat. But how to choose an optimal comfortable and safe nursing bra? It's simple: all our postpartum bras are comfortable to wear, harmless, specifically designed for nursing women, perfectly adapted for feeding, reliably fix the bust in a lifted position, contribute to maintaining its shape and free milk flow. Any of them can easily accommodate pads to prevent milk leakage.

Of course, different models differ in design: nursing bras with cups or underwires are good to wear during the day, while wireless nursing bras and soft wireless bras are more suitable for sleeping. We also recommend that you pay attention to special nursing nightgowns that are perfectly adapted for effortless feeding.

How to Choose Right

How to choose a nursing bra by size: the main secret is that you need to take your measurements at the time of maximum milk flow. As for the appearance – be guided by the product photos: they are absolutely realistic, made in excellent quality. It will also be easy for you to choose because all photos enlarge when you hover over them with your mouse.

When making your choice, look at the price: a good quality item cannot be cheap, because today in Europe you can find nursing bras of all kinds, of varying quality and price points. Our prices for them range from $9 to $38. Exceptions are promotions or sales that we arrange periodically. If you want to always be aware of the best deals, please sign up for our newsletter (or Register).

We also offer you to buy shapers, panties with tummy control panels, corsets, cinching belts affordably. These items are located in the Shapewear section. And in our store you will also find bras not only for nursing mothers, but also for pregnant women.

Maternity Bras
Universal styles for pregnancy and nursing

Maternity BraNowadays nobody would even think to sew their own maternity or nursing bra, although such an urge would have been completely justified just 20 years ago. The modern underwear industry is constantly working to develop more and more versatile intimate apparel items for the pregnancy period. But are they really so necessary in reality? Let's figure this issue out.

In the first months of pregnancy, the tummy is not visible yet, but the breasts are already undergoing noticeable changes. They are preparing for nursing, so not only do they increase in size, but also become very sensitive, and most importantly – change their shape. Now you decide for yourself if a regular bra made without taking into account all these specific features will be suitable, or it would be better to buy a good maternity bra that does not irritate, does not squeeze, but at the same time ideally supports the bust, repeating its natural shape. Plus it prevents bust sagging and stretch marks, promotes the proper development of the milk ducts. You can also order it from our store.

All the models we offer fully correspond to what a maternity bra should be: they are designed taking into account the physiological changes occurring in the body of a pregnant woman, sewn from soft, breathable, hypoallergenic fabrics.

What is the best maternity bra

It depends on when you're going to wear it. During the day, an underwire maternity bra provides maximum comfort and support for the chest, especially a large one. Padded cup bras cope with these functions just as wonderfully. For sleeping, a wireless bra or soft bra models are best. They gently support the mammary glands, and are very comfortable to sleep in. If your bust size is small – they can be worn throughout the day as well.

Or you can buy a 2-in-1 maternity and nursing bra right away – it will serve both before and after childbirth. Even if in the first months of nursing it turns out to be a little small for you to wear, eventually, when the milk production process stabilizes and the breasts start to gradually decrease – you will return to wearing it again.

How to choose a maternity bra by size

Here our recommendations on choosing a size and the size chart in product descriptions will come in handy – just click the "Check Size" button. But even if you have decided on the size, carefully examined the photos and everything suits you – don't rush, consult our consultants who will help you make a 100% right choice.

Please note: the main load is on the bra band, so if properly fitted, it copes well with bust support on its own. The straps only help it perform its function. However, during pregnancy and after childbirth, the size of the mammary glands and the volume of the chest can fluctuate, so maternity and nursing bras have elastic cups and extended clasps that can be further adjusted with extender accessories. You can also buy them, as well as silicone pads for straps and many other useful gadgets from the Accessories page of our Incanto online store. You can also make charming sets of a bra with matching panties, as well as nursing loungewear.

The prices for maternity and nursing bras in our online store are very reasonable, and the quality is wonderful. So don't put off your purchase, take care of the health and beauty of your breasts, as well as the convenience of feeding, from the very first days of pregnancy.